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Re: 200q parking brake help

thanks Phil, Fred

i am trying to slacken the cable so i can attach the cable
at the caliper.  newly freed parking brake lever on the
caliper is approx 25mm from it's formerly siezed position
so figure the only way i can get that cable end into the
lever is by loosening the adjusting nut.  have spayed enough
wd 40 on the nut that i can now get the deep socket over

been working at phil's suggestion of the long extended
socket.  working carefully and slowly as the nut is very
rusty.   wondering if i should try heating it.  of course big
fear is breaking it off.

glad i checked the guide pins as they were dry and
rusty.   think this car spent alot of time sitting idle with
its previous owner.

only in a place as flat as winnipeg, can a person survive
without a parking brake for so long.


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From: Fred Munro <munrof@isys.ca>
To: don & lori <dell@pangea.ca>; <quattro@audifans.com>
Sent: Monday, September 06, 1999 6:31 AM
Subject: Re: 200q parking brake help

> Hi Don;
>     I couldn't get at that nut either, and the nut and thread were so
> that I doubt if it would move at all. When I installed the new cables,
> were (fortunately) perfectly adjusted, so I didn't have to resolve the
> adjustment issue.
>     I got enough slack in the frozen cables to remove them by removing the
> cable from the caliper and pulling up on the handbrake lever. This pulled
> the stuck cable through the housing and generated enough slack that I
> slip the cable end out of the adjustment yoke (after destroying the cable
> housing securing clips, which were firmly rusted in place.)
>     I figured I'd have to replace the short cable to the handbrake lever
> I needed to adjust the cables. You are right - it's a real PITA to work in
> there. You may have to drop the exhaust and driveshaft to get access. If
> your adjustment is way off, I'd look at replacing the short main cable to
> see if that can be done with the driveshaft in place (disconnect it at the
> handbrake and pull it into the tunnel ?). I think if the adjuster nut
> freely, you could do the adjustment, but I assume yours is as rusted as
> mine.
>     Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Hopefully another lister will have
> answer for you.
>     It's great to have a working parking brake, though!
> Fred Munro
> '91 200q  281k km
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> From: don & lori <dell@pangea.ca>
> To: <quattro@audifans.com>
> Cc: Fred Munro <munrof@isys.ca>
> Sent: Sunday, September 05, 1999 9:02 PM
> Subject: 200q parking brake help
> > ok doing the fred munroe parking brake repair
> >
> > have the parking brake arms on the calipers working
> > again and now pulling out the passenger side cable.
> > it is rusted big time at every joint.
> >
> > it appears the drivers side cable is working fine.
> >
> > now how do you adjust the cables.  trying to find
> > some way of getting at t adjusting nut.  it is a
> > job just getting my hand up under the exhaust
> > pipe and the drive shaft.  any BTDTs.
> >
> > don
> >
> >