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Auto Temperature System- I don't get any heat???

This is my first time using the list and from what ive been told is an 
extremely useful asset.  I just hope someone can help me with my dilemma.  I 
have an 86 5000 CS Turbo Quattro and i love it. However i don't get any heat 
when i use the system.  All the other controls except the hi/lo work.  A/C 
works too but when i turn the heat up it just blows air.  Someone told me 
that it might be a rod that opens up a regulator within the system but i 
don't know where it is and what to do.  Also when i was driving the other 
day the trip computer went blank.  I dont know if a bulb blew or what.  IT 
was there and then it faded on and off for a minute and just went out. 
Please HELP ME.  Many, many thanks in advance.

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