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Re: cylinder head gasket change on 2.2E ??

In message <01BF26B0.610B66E0@wmp-pcn01.wavecom.fr> augustin barennes writes:

> Since i got my Audi, i am a bit anxious with one main point:
> my engine is the 2.2E 136 hp with 125M KM on it
> The water reservoir of the cooling system is quite brown (beuuuh!) due to sediments, the water smells oil or what... I don't like this color because my old Peugeot had the cylinder head gasket changed for that and my previous small honda civic had stil
> quite perfect blue/green water....

Possibly just corrosion - the previous owner had a leak and just filled
with water.

> Engine still works fine, cooling system does also but....
> - is it normal to have such 'non-clear' water at such a quite low mileage ? what about your color !!
> - does your cooling system 'drink' water (mine does)
> - does it means i will soon have to change the cylinder head gasket ? is it expensive ? (means easy..)

Check that the reservoir cap holds pressure - 1.4 bar.  Check for other
leaks, e.g., around the heater control valve, and for damage to the
front of the radiator itself.  Then flush the system with clean water
and refill with the proper antifreeze mixture.  If you have a head
gasket problem, the exhaust gases will smell very different after you
add antifreeze - an acrid, bitter sort of smell.

Any good garage should have a pump for pressurising the cooling system
while it's cold.  It's very hard to spot some leaks when the system
is hot, because the escaping water evaporates.  If the system is cold
and you apply 1.4 bar, you can see the leaks dripping onto the floor.

 Phil Payne
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