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Re: V8Q brakes

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, Randall C. Markarian wrote:

> Well, since the discussion last month about the surging problems 
> that V8's experience, the 90K service was performed on my car and 
> the surging is still present.  Since the Ox sensor was not replaced, 
> I have ordered the sensor and expect it to be installed next week.  
> I will keep those who are interested informed as to the success of 
> this repair, for my car.
> Now to the latest repair.  The dealership noted that the front pads 
> are near the end of the line and estimated a $600 repair(pads and 
> turn rotors).  Since my car has the converted rotors, this seems a 
> bit high.  Are there any suggestions for getting reasonably priced 
> replacement pads?  Also, one place that I have called said that 
> there were two types of replacement brakes fitted to the V8 and that 
> they would need the specific part number to price out the pads.  I 
> don't know, but that sounds inefficient to do that unless they made 
> yet another improvment to the brakes!?
> Also, found a place that can sell the oil filters for "only" $19.95.  
> That sounds pretty good compared to the $37 the dealer charges.
> Thanks,
> Randall C. Markarian
> 1990 V8 Quattro
I have run into the same problem over the years and have a two fold solution.
One is to locate a Girling Brake PArts Distributor and buy them at 1/3 
the price of the dealer. Two is buy from the guys that advertise in Quattro
The Audi prices are really steep.
I face a complete Caliper rebuid, new discs, new pads here at 120K Miles.
Good luck.
Paul Rivera
90 V8
85 MB190-2.316V
88 Pugwhat 505
87 Ducati 650SS
87 Alfa Milano