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Re: Advice needed: Preventative Maintenance for low mileage vehicle

Sean Ford was whining and said:

>>>>I hate to think that I'm beating on my Audi simply because I'm not
>>>>it, so I'd like to be able to perform some type of preventative
>>>>and try to keep it in top condition.

1.  Keep driving home at 135mph from the Boston Cocktails meeting to blow
them pipes clean

2.  Bring your car to the garage entrance on Dartmouth Street where I we
will trade our respective Rings of Torture
     on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  You, of course, will be responsible for
repairs to either vehicle on those days.  I'll
     make sure your "car" gets the required mileage for "proper"
maintenance and perform handling tests regularly.
     (Remember to open the Sun roof so you can fit in my car...and don't
expect to carry anything larger than a lima bean.

3.  Your car's not in top condition now....so don't sweat it  :-)

Paul "Rings of Torture" Royal