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RE: S4 vs. A6/S6

Well, I talked to MY dealer this morning and he claimed S4 in the fall,
310hp V8 S6 next spring/summer. Has already taken a bunch of orders on S4s.

Rob Winchell

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> Just visited Prestige, the Audi dealer in Denver, today. They had a ton of
> A6's & A4's (especially a pair of black beauties 1.8 and 2.8). Spoke with
> very knowledgeable individual who mentioned the S4 coming in a year with
> bhp, he's taken deposits on 25 of them already. We spoke about an S
> of the new A6 twin turbo Vs. V8 and he said the word is still out on
> we will get an S version of the A6 at all, much less any discussion on
> it will be motivated by.
> Couple of random shots:
> The Xenon lights are know available on the A6 as part of the safety
> We discussed an all aluminum version of the new S4 (a la A8) and he said
> highly doubted if we will ever see any of the high volume (relatively)
> in all aluminum given the fact that there are only 4 bodyshops in the
> country that are certified to do work on the A8.
> They also had two twin turbo 911's and 4 boxsters GORGEOUS!
> Nice selection of new and pre-owned.
> Frank--
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> >Is the S6 going to come here for sure.  I currently have a 96 A6Q and
> >decided to buy an A8 because I have given up on the S6.  If you know for
> >sure it is coming please let me know.
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> >Thanks,
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> >Terry
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