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Re: Re: FINAL: Wheel and Tire

 # Infact, their alignment jig is the only one in the area up to standards
 # to do a Porsche 959. Yup, Ralph Lauren had his personal assistant
 # _drive_ the Porsche 959, as well as his Ruf Porsche, down to the shop to
 # get them aligned... And then he took everyone for rides in the 959...
 # apparently Porsche has a computer update for the 959's which boost power
 # from a mere 450 to 600+ wheeee!
... I don't question that the shop has equipment for doing 959s, but I 
do wonder if Ralph Lauren has one that he takes out on the street.  If 
that is actually true you might want to keep your mouth shut ... you 
should have seen the ruckus that ensued after someone wrote a letter in 
AutoWeek saying that they tried to catch up with one they saw crossing 
the Golden Gate Bridge!

The DOT made an example of the 959 for some reason.  They were not even 
allowed to be used on race tracks!  I've heard that there are a couple 
here in the states, but they are never allowed on the roads ... which 
is a major shame!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)